About IEnumerator

IEnumerator is used for iteration.IEnumerator can use GetEnumerator() method to get the values from arraylist and display the values using MoveNext or current method.


we can create the array list in vb.net using

Dim list as new arraylist

and add the elements in to arraylist using Add like


and use IEnumerator and get the values from array list using GetEnumerator method.

 Dim en as IEnumerator = ab.GetEnumerator() and move to the next element in the list by using MoveNext method.


We can get the current elements by using Current method.


About Srinivasa Ramanujan


Srinivasa Ramanujan was a Indian Mathematician.He was born on 22 Dec in Erode,Tamilnadu.And he discovered nearly 3900 results during his short lifetime.

Ramanujan number here(Its very interesting):

 The Smallest number representable in two ways as a sum of two cubes. It is given by

1729=1^3 +12^3=9^3+10^3.


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